Meet the Collective - brands united in their shared belief in the importance of balancing form and function. Digitally native, the brands cater to every aspect of the modern man’s personal style: sock and underwear, watches, small leather goods and bags, outerwear, footwear, grooming, and home. Ampersand Collective is a chance to meet your favorite brands and discover new ones. Our limited of time experience shop that will feature ranges of styles and sizes from each brand’s collection to test drive, before enjoying the ease of having the item shipped to your home - just in time for the holidays.


The Collective


Stuart & Lau Capstone Backpack _ 3.jpg

Stuart & Lau

Stuart & Lau was born of the minds of two men who, quite simply, needed a better briefcase. Unable to find a bag that could keep up with their busy lives rooted in and between Hong Kong and New York City, Matthew Stuart and Jimmy Lau knew they needed their bags to do more. Modeled on the mutually reinforcing principles of simple, enduring appeal and an ever situationally-appropriate character, Stuart & Lau’s products are meant to compliment you in your next destination, wherever that may be.


Fulton & Roark

Fulton & Roark crafts high-quality grooming products specifically built for the way men operate. They believe superior products should make a man’s process of getting ready less complicated and more enjoyable. But quality ingredients are only half the story; if it’s not enjoyable, easy-to-use, and truly beneficial Fulton & Roark don’t believe it’s worth having. Fulton & Roark’s products are designed around the details that shape the lives of men; from the dimensions of the pockets in a pair of trousers, to the requirements of a global traveler, and even to the real estate around a bathroom sink.

Born out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Fulton & Roark began with a series of solid colognes designed to integrate seamlessly into everyday life. Since then, Fulton & Roark have made it our mission to make grooming a pleasure.


North & Mark

Outerwear that performs. Founded in 2017 by Steve Cho, North & Mark offers outerwear, knitwear, and accessories options for the urban commuter. North & Mark blends the best features of your favorite performance jackets (think water and wind resistant fabrics, chill protection, breathability, and 4-way stretch) and fuses them with timeless menswear style and tailoring. We believe that great style shouldn’t come at the cost of comfort and functionality. This is a new kind of outerwear, built for urban life.


Wolf & Shepherd

Wolf & Shepherd was founded in 2015 by Notre Dame athlete turned shoe designer, Justin Schneider, who set out to design a dress shoe that had the same performance technology and comfort as an athletic shoe.Wolf & Shepherd’s collection of wingtips, monkstraps, loafers, and chelsea boots are handcrafted in Porto, Portugal with fine Italian leathers, Parisian waxes, and completed in the US with proprietary running shoe technology developed in-house.


The 5TH

Time is what we make it. An Australian-born brand, The 5TH designs limited run watches and accessories, inspired and shaped by experience. Founded by Alex McBride in December 2014, the brand has seen rapid growth through a unique limited edition business model that has fostered a community and created demand. The 5TH believe that the products they offer, people they work with, places they go, things they do, all center on a common goal: inspiring people to want and get more out of life. To go after what you love. And to make the most of every moment.


Nice Laundry

Like most guys, Ricky Choi and Phil Moldavski had terrible relationships with their sock drawers — that is, until 2013 when they decided to create Nice Laundry. Since then, Nice Laundry has made it easier than ever for guys to refresh and personalize their sock and underwear drawer with a single purchase.



tokyobike is a small, independent bicycle company founded in 2002 in the quiet Tokyo suburb of Yanaka, Japan. Based on the concept of Tokyo Slow our bicycles are designed to explore the places we love and call home. With a tokyobike, it is as much about the journey as the destination.

Our bicycles are designed to fit into a thoughtful, and design conscious urban lifestyle. Designed in Tokyo, they exude their Japanese roots with clean lines, and minimalistic style.

tokyobike frames are beautifully crafted of lightweight Cr-Mo steel, and made in Taiwan. Our wheel sizes are smaller to accommodate a tight fit in small living spaces, ease of transport onto public transportation, and most importantly, they are agile and accelerate more quickly in traffic.

A tokyobike is meant to be quick, comfortable, and beautiful enough to hang in your living room.

tokyobike was first brought to the US in 2014. Initially based in New York, tokyobike Americas is now headquartered in Downtown Los Angeles, where our team is currently enjoying the sunshine and riding bicycles all year round.

Element Candle

ELEMENT was founded on Christmas day 2015. Inspired when the founder's wife experienced allergies while smelling lit candles, he set out to craft a candle that she would enjoy in their home. Each ELEMENT candle is handcrafted by professional chandlers in Charleston, South Carolina using 100% US grown organic soy wax, phthalate free fragrances, and cherry wood wicks.


B.M. Franklin

Based in New York City, classically trained hat-maker B.M. Franklin is an artisan that handcrafts custom-made hats to reflect the individuality and personality of its wearer. With color palettes that update every season and a wide selection of materials including Rabbit Felt, Canadian Beaver, and Natural Cashmere, B.M. Franklin is fast becoming a staple for any modern wardrobe.


Absolut Art

Absolut Art, purveyors of the next wave of global contemporary artists, offers exclusive, limited-edition artwork delivered straight to your doorstep - sans the intimidating elitism of traditional art settings. Born out of a love for connecting people with creatives from around the world, Absolut Art is committed to democratizing the online art buying experience. Supported by the legacy of Absolut’s celebrated collaborations with over 600 artists, including Andy Warhol, Ed Ruscha, and Keith Haring, Absolut Art captivates first-time art buyers and seasoned collectors and leads the curation of art and design for luxury hotels, cultural hotspots, and concept stores. Shop both up-and-coming and established artists, many of whom have exhibited at Frieze, Art Basel, MoMA, and the Whitney Museum - all just a keystroke away.


Troy Yoshimoto

Troy Yoshimoto is an NYC-based ceramicist and industrial designer with the mission to elevate everyday objects. He hopes to design functional pieces that you love to use and never want to put away.


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